Friday, November 1, 2013

Should the United States Get Out of the UN?

Let's face two important facts.
1) Our nation pays vastly more of the costs of the United Nations than any other member country, and
2) Far too often far too many of those other member nations "use" the organization as a platform to insult and work against us.

It should not be surprising therefore that we frequently hear citizens express their opinion that we should "Get the US Out of the UN"!

At the same time, many of us sense that there are some worthwhile programs within this worldwide body. Even though we know there is real corruption sometimes practiced, and there is sheer hypocrisy in so many of their "resolutions", sufficient value probably exists in having such a forum where all nations can assemble and interact. Our founders in 1776 certainly recognized the necessity of dealing effectively with other nations.

Maybe there is another way for us to "solve" this dilemma.

What would you think about an idea such as this one?
a) Let's stay with the United Nations as an active member, but greatly reduce the amount of money we provide them in funding. We might also consider "inviting" them to find a new world headquarters location that is not in the United States.  (This might ease somewhat the "dirtiness" we often feel when having to put up with allowing a petty tyrant coming onto our soil to speak his or her particular version of duplicity.)
b) With some of the dollars we save in "a" above, let's organize and fund a new organization of the world's nations who truly grant their people the right to chooose their own governments by voting in fair elections. Membership in this new "United Free Nations" would be limited to countries who continue to give their citizens this privilege, and would fluctuate up and down as fresh governments are created or old ones "fall" in coups, etc.  (In this case, a headquarters in the United States - say the "old" UN buildings - might be more agreeable to a lot of us.)

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